SQL Saturday #100 Happened for the First Time in Brazil

After some months of discussions and a lot of planning, the SQL Saturday # 100 event happened for the first time in Brazil.

Event promoted by the technical community with the support of Microsoft was definitely marked by much networking, exchange of experiences, what’s new in SQL Server 2012 and many, many gifts!

SQL Saturday began in 2007 and it is an initiative of the PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server) that aims to have a day free training done by multiple SQL Server professionals from around the world. The event was held in São Paulo, at the headquarters of Microsoft, on 26 November, where we had 18 technical sessions of 50 minutes each divided into 3 tracks bringing information about Tuning, Trobleshooting, PowerShell, what’s new in SQL Server 2012, Business Intelligence and best practices for Data warehousing.

Besides the opportunity to acquire technical knowledge was a great opportunity for networking. Professionals who are a reference in the market and some of the largest SQL Server specialists of Brazil attended the event.

In the Keynote session we count on the presence of João Nunes, SQL Server Product Manager.

I confess that because of the event to be held on Saturday, we were worried about the breakdown of the audience and it was awesome get more than 250 people attending the event.

Could not let to congratulate:

The responsibles for the initiative: Felipe Ferreira and Andressa Martins taking care of logistics part and Laerte Junior supporting the dissemination of the event. Guys, Congratulations for the initiative and all work done to run the SQL Saturday # 100 event!

To the speakers: only we know the time involved to prepare lectures of excellence as you guys delivered. My thank you to each one of you! 😉

To the sponsors and the whole community: Thanks so much for attend the event and for the excellent feedback received. This event was made for you!

Check below some pictures and some tweets that transmit part of the experience of this great event:

Speaker’s Dinner:





Once again thank you to everyone who took part in this experience and by the excellent feedback received.

Until the next! [ ]´s! 😉


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